A One-of-a-Kind Collection of Stories

From space toys to pedal cars, miniatures to Art Deco, African Americana to fashion books – Crave Covet Collect tells the stories of Wichita’s top collectors. The book, written by Sondra Langel and photographed by Larry Schwarm, shows off the region’s collectors and their unique and inspired collections.

Passionate People

Whether their collections are a purposeful pursuit or relaxing activity, each of the featured hunters share their passions for their self-defined treasure. They told us their stories. Wichita’s rich diversity of items and subjects is on display within the pages.

Why Do We Collect?

For example, we learned why a person succumbs to 120 American Girl dolls, all essentially the same except for clothes. And why more than 3,000 shot glasses each represent a remembrance of an event that matters. And why bricks are widely collected even though each one may seem mundane. “Why do we collect?” Our collectors and their curated collections have the answer.

Sondra Langel

Like her two other books, Wichita Artists in Their Studio and Thursday Afternoon Cooking Club, Langel’s newest work came from her desire to learn and tell stories. All of collecting is a testament to dedication and perseverance, and also the hunt for treasure. In this book, Langel honors those whose authentic passion she was able to capture.

Larry Schwarm

One of the reasons Schwarm became a photographer was to collect memories through images. Like many of the collectors in this book, he is a collector of collections, including the tramp art seen here. He has collaborated with Langel on two previous books, and has photographs in art museum collections throughout the United States, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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Here’s more evidence of lives well lived in Wichita: Sondra Langel’s words and Larry Schwarm’s photographs provide illuminating introductions to 50 passionate collectors and their lifetime pursuits. Crave Covet Collect is a book you may race through the first time just to see who you know, then return to again and again, for the joyous company of the people and treasures featured in its pages.

Lou Heldman
Chair of the Board of Trustees at Wichita Art Museum

Mike Michaelis has collected colorful local art in the eight cities he’s lived in over the past 50+ years. Crave Covet Collect is filled with stories and gorgeous photographs of some very interesting people and their fabulous, unusual collections. We are given an insight into the what and why of collecting. A really fun read. Mike is an avid collector of art, especially art by Kansas artists.

Mike Michaelis
President of Emprise Financial Corporation, Wichita, Kansas

Objects are fascinating when their history is considered. What rivals an object? A collection! A collection can tell a story and has a story of its own set in time, place and sensibility.

Eric Cale
Director of The Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum

Crave Covet Collect demonstrates how everyday items can be transformed into something powerful and insightful when grouped together. Sondra Langel’s words and Larry Schwarm’s photography capture the essence of the collector’s creative mind and the joy each collection inspires. Whether you are an avid or aspiring collector, this book provides an intriguing look into the passion of collecting!

Allison Baker
Owner of The Vault Collection, Wichita, Kansas


Author Sondra Langel, Photographer Larry Schwarm, and Greteman Group have teamed up to produce their third high-quality, Wichita-centric book, Crave Covet Collect – The Stories of Wichita’s Treasure Hunters.

Similar to previous works, Wichita Artists in Their Studios and Thursday Afternoon Cooking Club, this quality, hardbound book is filled with compelling photos and stories about the collectors and the reason behind their passion.